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Crick (1962 Nobelist) GETTY IMAGES (Crick); COURTESY OF THE ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY (de Duve) Published in October 1954 It is now known that DNA consists of a very long chain made up of alternate sugar and phosphate groups. The sugar is always desoxyribose. While the phosphate-sugar chain is perfectly regular, the molecule as a whole is not, because each sugar has a “base” attached to it. Four different types of base are commonly found: two of them are purines, called adenine and guanine, and two are pyrimidines, known as thymine and cytosine.

45, No. 6, pages 54–59; June 2008. Consciousness as Integrated Information: A Provisional Manifesto. Giulio Tononi in Biological Bulletin, Vol. 215, No. 3, pages 216–242; December 2008. com 29 30 Scientific American, June 2011 © 2011 Scientific American Adam Piore is a freelance writer in New York City and a former reporter for Newsweek. He also writes Scientific American’s Patent Watch column. S. nuclear reactors. Are they safe enough? H By Adam Piore jim r. ) alf a world away from japan’s stricken fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, deep in the pine forests of Georgia, hundreds of workers are prepping the ground for an American nuclear renaissance they still believe is on the way.

Ters consciousness remains whole and comThe version of the Turing test employed toplete; it cannot be subdivided into independay has a human judge interacting via a comdent and unrelated components that can be puter screen with a human or a software proexperienced on their own. gram in the “natural language” that we use to The unified nature of consciousness stems communicate. The conversation between the from a multitude of interactions among relejudge and his or her partner can address any vant parts of your brain.

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