Ancient Egypt by Jon White (ed.)

By Jon White (ed.)

Step again in time and stroll the banks of the River Nile to profit what made this society the most strong historic civilisations in historical past. Meet probably the most iconic pharaohs, journey the awe-inspiring landmarks raised of their honour, determine the spiritual tenets that dictated daily life or even discover ways to learn the hieroglyphs!

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Although the union was initially spawned from mutual political gain and the two were forbidden by Roman law to marry, Cleopatra seemed to stay loyal to Caesar and had his child. How did it end? This love affair was cut short when Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March. Roman, 83-30 BCE How did they get together? Antony summoned Cleopatra to see if she would hold true in her promised support during the war against the Parthians. She reportedly charmed him during this meeting, perhaps much the same way she had Caesar.

The image of Ramesses on his golden chariot — his bow drawn back in deadly fury, his wheels rolling over the crushed bodies of his enemies — is carved into the walls of more Egyptian temples than any other story in the empire’s 3,000-year history. If you believe the Poem of Pentaur, which adorns the walls of temples at Luxor, Karnak, Abu Simbel and more, then King Muwatalli was so cowed by Ramesses’ superhuman strength that he immediately petitioned for surrender. But is that really how the Battle of Kadesh went down?

Ptolemy combined the gods and goddesses of Greece with their Egyptian counterparts, creating new cults and temples of worship. The god of the dead, Osiris, became the more Greek-looking Serapis. The art and architecture of Alexandria was unique in its mix of Greek and Egyptian styles Hellenic soldiers with their iconic shields and spears Government Pharaoh King Ptolemy II 40 Alexandria was ruled by the Greek King Ptolemy II who, adopting the customs of Egypt, made himself pharaoh and dressed in Egyptian styles.

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