An Eleventh-Century Buddhist Logic of ‘Exists’: Ratnakīrti’s by A. C. Senape McDermott

By A. C. Senape McDermott

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99 ... siddhiriti S. 100 ... ayogiparamärtha\:l S. 101 näiva paramärthata1;l S. 102 ... ikädvinivartamänamidarp S. ikatva S. 104 S has an obvious error in this sentence. atp. yadbodhänmuktiri~yate. abhai1gai). 23) iti krtiriyatp. 107 prakrteQ S. S adds the following; vipak~e bädhanäddhetoQ sädhyätmatvam prasidhyati. tat siddhau dvividhä vyäptisiddhiraträbhidhiyate. iti väidharmyadrHänte vyatirekarüpavyäptyä k~aJ;labhaIigasiddhiQ samäptä. krtiriyatp mahäpaJ;lc;litaratnakirtipädänäm. 107 Omitted in S.

Ladvatal,l. hetul,l. nija. tigantuka",. anyonyatvam. '[apali": (literaIly) 'prates'. 'svabhtiva' =df 'inherent disposition', 'nature'. LiteraIly: 'I shall prove that to be useless'. 'nanu' (here written 'nanv' because of sariuJhi) is used to introduce an adverse argument. ENGLISH TRANSLATION 33 A permanent entity produces an effect by its own nature, and its nature [qua permanent] ought also at the moment [of production] to produce what exists in the second moment - likewise, what exists in the third moment, etc.

1. tat pauru~asya lünapunarjätakeSakusakadalistambädau nirdalanät. e pratipäditamiti tat evävadhäryam. amapek~ate. 1. yasmäd dvividharp. sämarthyarp. nijamägantukarp. ikasyäpi kramavat sahakärinänätvädapi kramavatkäryanänätvamiti cet. 8) bhavatu tävat nijägantukabhedena dvividharp. sämarthyam. tathäpi tat prätisvikarp. arp. 1 kriyädharmakamavasyäbhyupagantavyam. 1. 1. 11) na ca käryarp. o 'pek~ata iti yuktam, tasyäsattvät. hetusca sannapi yadi svakäryarp. na karoti, tadä tatkäryameva tanna syät.

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