An elementary grammar: with full syllabary and progressive by Archibald Henry Sayce

By Archibald Henry Sayce

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347 sakkad cubsu, Nabiuv crown, the god Nebo 348. lit, ? ab lat (lad) ... > extension, place, self fortress like {the sajtie, ditto, repetition) ... month arkhu u 349. cir (kir) ub 350.

SYLLABARY. ASSYRIAN GRAMMAR. Phonetic Value (Accadian word). I.. , 188. turrak 189. dumugu nas 190. ta, Cuneiform Character, {See 205) 191. 192. in 193. un-gal, lu-gal sar (borrowed from 194. ) rab,raba(rap) dim 195. dim 196. cib (cip, kip) -s^, 197. bi, cas (kas), ul cas 197^. jl^p:^:^ SYLLABARY. Assyrian rendering. 17 Meanins ASSYRIAN GRAMMAR. Phonetic Value (Accadian word). 202, 203. Cuneiform Character. gur ... ninda ? SYLLABARY. Assyrian rendering. Meaning. namandu measure ittu a ... ) sign ^^ ...

I'honetic Value (Acca- clian word). SYLLABARY. 2/ ASSYRIAN GRAMMAR. 28 Phonetic Value (Accadian word). 319- fcYl >-YYYY sa gisimmar 320, lab, . \ J:Y,^YYYY . rule, lul, nar, Assyrian rendering. Meaning. damaku fortunate gisimmaru ? s'arru king rar, pakh, 320. Cuneifomi Character. SYLLABARY. lib ^A\ se seum, ziru, ittu, corn amaru, magaru niga maru Sana, sanana- irbittu bacu 321. , gid maru, nasakhu, ra- young, badu, ebiru 322. 323- sud 327. ericu, rukutu to ... , sakhalu bucket rxquest tsir (sir) tsiru...

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