All About Apples - A tasting menu from Scott Carsberg of by Scott Carsberg, Hillel Cooperman, Peyman Oreizy

By Scott Carsberg, Hillel Cooperman, Peyman Oreizy

100 pages 291 photos "capture the reality of ways Lampreias foodstuff is de facto made."

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To test whether the cake is done, put a knife in the middle periodically when you think it’s ready. When the knife comes out clean, the cake should be ready. Touch the blade carefully to your lip to check that the inside of the cake is hot. When the cake is done, remove it from the oven and lay the cake still in the pan on a rack so air circulates above and below the pan to cool the cake. After a couple of minutes the cake will start to recede a little bit from the sides—sink and shrink. Go around the edge of the cake with a knife to help it completely recede from the sides of the pan.

Use a deli slicer if possible. Or a Japanese ceramic slicer if necessary. You will need to throw away (or eat) the first few slices as they will be too small to use. Create the apple slices at the last possible second so they don’t turn brown while waiting to be served. 67 To Complete At least an hour before serving, remove the gorgonzola from the refrigerator. Slice into 1/3 - to 1/2- inch-thick coin-shaped discs. Place in the center of the plates on which they’ll be served. Allow to sit for at least an hour and gently come to room temperature.

They won’t be just hanging around the top of the water but will really stay at the top. Remove them gently with a slotted spoon or spatula onto paper so they can drain. Boil the water for the dumplings. Place the dumplings in the simmering water. Pancetta Just before serving, fry 4 slices of pancetta in a pan. The slices should be super thin, but not fall apart during frying. You will be hard-pressed to not sample. Best to fry up a couple of extra slices of pancetta. The pancetta should be sliced very thin.

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