Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger! (Pals in Peril, Book 4) by M. T. Anderson

By M. T. Anderson

It's time for Lily, Katie, and Jasper to go domestic from their intriguing Delaware experience, however the lousy Autarch's spies and goons are in all places, and it's transparent that *they* produce other plans for our 3 intrepid heroes. Chock packed with ups, downs, twists, turns, or even a band of sentient lobsters struggling with at the aspect of fine, this fourth installment of the acquaintances at risk sequence is every piece as wild, wacky, and beautifully outrageous because the first 3.

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Wait a minute,” Evrek interrupted. “I understood the original plan. Ilura was to pose as a native and scare the daylights out of the Imperials with some spectacular feats of psychokinesis and such, which would be ‘magic’ to them, and therefore very upsetting. ” “There’s another method, Evrek,” Father said slowly. ” Evrek frowned. “Is that really feasible? ” “Chancy, yes, but impossible, no. ” “Perhaps not,” Evrek said. “But I don’t envy the man we choose to throw an interstellar expedition off a nonmechanized world, single-handed.

Jarel took a deep breath, savoring its freshness. It was a great feel- 42 ✴ Enchantress from the Stars ing after weeks of being cooped up in a pressure suit and helmet. He didn’t envy the men who still had to wear suits whenever they stepped outside; he would gladly have volunteered to take his off, even if he had not been ordered to do so as the junior member of the medical staff. After all, tests had already proved the adequacy of the new vaccines, though it was a wise precaution, certainly, to try out a few men’s immunity to the local bacteria before exposing everyone.

Not that the others were unmoved; Evrek looked more stern and withdrawn than I had ever seen him, and I noticed that as Father spoke, he fingered the Emblem. Later, when we had eaten something and had set up housekeeping, so to speak, in the hut, we went outdoors again; and there, on the stony slope beside the river, we built a small fire. Dry wood was plentiful in the outskirts of the forest; Evrek and I gathered armloads in only a few minutes. Apparently few Andrecians came here. Our woodcutters must have been far from home.

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