Advances In Laser Physics by V S Letokhov, Pierre Meystre

By V S Letokhov, Pierre Meystre

The start of quantum electronics in the course of the twentieth century and the subsquent discovery of the laser resulted in new traits in physics and a few photonic technolgies. This quantity is devoted to Peter Franken, a pioneer of nonlinear optics, and contains papers by way of the founders of quantum electronics, Aleksandr Prokhorov, Nicolaas Blombergen, and Norman Ramsey. the subjects coated variety from astronomy to nuclear and semiconductor physics, and from basic difficulties in quantum mechanics to purposes in novel laser fabrics and nanoscience.

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D. LUKIN and M. O. SCULLY 4 a i 3 r:b : C rb: C I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 2 "'

Campman, A. C. Gossard and A. Imamoglu, Appl. Phys. Lett, 70, 3455 ( 1997). This page intentionally left blank 5 ON EXCITATION OF MOSSBA UER=lEVElS OF HEAVY UClEI IN LASER-PROD UCED PLASMA A. Ao Papchenko and 10 I. Sobelman The possibility of excitation of so-called Mbssbauer low-lying nuclear levels in dense short-lived laser-produced plasma (LPP) was discussed in [ 1 ] . In a very strong laser field charged particles oscillate at the laser frequency. The energy of oscillation can be high enough to be responsible for the effective production of very hot electrons [2] and for the excitation of Mbssbauer nuclei.

1 0 8 1 . 1 08 2 . 5 . 47 . ng �9ulo�nb functions for n' and El' electrons. he results are expressed the umts 80 Yzao- , where 80 and ao are the atomic units of energy and length. The value of energy E is determined by eq. (1). The reduced matrix element (allrpllao) can be determined from the known 181 = III value of T'0. as The detailed calculations are made for the autoionization a, 4s � CX(j, Ep of the ions with different charges Z, to check the dependence of re, on Z. According to (1) for The effective charge Z4s = 45 for bound ionization of 4s electron E = 1 67 electron state 48 is determined as the difference between nuclear charge 73 and the total number of electrons in filled shells with 17 = 1 , 2, 3 equal to 28.

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