Adbusters, Issue 95: The Philosophy Issue

AB95: The Philosophy Issue
(May/June 2011)

Featured during this issue:

inventive Director: Pedro Inoue
Tzvetan Todorov on American torture
Darren Fleet discusses this generation’s “apocalypse”
We discover America’s function in Egypt’s darkish past
Pentti Linkola’s view on inhabitants control
Micah White demands revolution opposed to American decadence
Michael Löwy explores advertising’s impact on our health
We ask: What issues in existence? What issues in loss of life?

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It is now overwhelmingly transparent even though, says Nic Marks during this essay, that the blind pursuit of financial development has created an entire set of social and environmental matters which are speedily undermining the capability happiness and overall healthiness of present and destiny generations.

Much of contemporary existence is predicated at the assumption that happiness comes from financial prosperity. Many -- politicians, media and voters alike -- appear to suppose the aim of presidency is to maintain the economic climate relocating. the following, Nic Marks argues that the blind pursuit of monetary progress has created an atmosphere that truly undermines our happiness. He bargains a few daring feedback on how countries and folks can go back to a shared universal goal: nurturing well-being.

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Pulsions du temps

« Où est le temps, existe-t-il encore ?

Je vous suggest d’ouvrir l. a. query du TEMPS.

Jamais le temps n’a été aussi compact, uniformisé, fermé comme il l’est désormais à l. a. floor globalisée de l’hyperconnexion. Mais jamais non plus il n’a été aussi ouvert et a number of : incessant battement d’avènements, amorces, émergences, éclosions perpétuelles.

Je retrouve ici des expériences singulières : dans l’érotisme maternel et dans celui de l. a. foi religieuse, j’ose parier sur l. a. tradition européenne et sur l’humanisme à refonder, je découvre un destin de l. a. psychanalyse en terre d’Islam et en Chine.

Je n’ai pas de réponses toutes faites et n’en donne pas une fois pour toutes. Je déplie des vérités hic et nunc telles que je les vis et les pense.

Je vous présente mes compagnons de direction : Antigone et Philippe Sollers, Jean-Jacques Rousseau et Jacques Lacan, Jackson Pollock et Emile Benveniste; Simone de Beauvoir et Thérèse d’Avila.

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It includes playing complex strategy games such as chess, language translation, making decisions based on large amounts of data (such as approving loan applications), and understanding speech (where the appropriateness of the response might be the measure of “understanding”). AI also includes tasks performed automatically by the human brain and nervous system— for example, vision (the capture and interpretation of images by cameras and software). Learning is a characteristic of many AI programs.

The Web connects students and teachers. At first, universities offered online courses within their area, benefitting people who work full-time, who have varying work schedules that conflict with normal class schedules, who have small children at home, or who cannot travel easily because of disabilities. Gradually a potential to revolutionize advanced education became clear. More than 100 million people have viewed the thousands of free lessons on sciences, economics, and other subjects at the online Khan Academy.

Physicians do complex and delicate surgery from a console with a 3-D monitor and joysticks that control robotic instruments. The software filters out a physician’s shaky movements. Robots work in environments that are hazardous to people. They inspect undersea structures and communication cables. They search for survivors in buildings collapsed by bombs or earthquakes. They explore volcanoes and other planets. They move or process nuclear and other hazardous wastes. For several years, Sony sold a robot pet dog, Aibo.

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