Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach , Fifth Edition by David H. Barlow

By David H. Barlow

Irregular PSYCHOLOGY: AN INTEGRATIVE technique, 5th variation, is the precise textual content that can assist you achieve your irregular psychology direction! Authors Barlow and Durand convey you ways mental issues are rooted in a number of elements: organic, mental, cultural, social, familial, or even political. you could try your figuring out of themes with the text's integrated thought tests and bankruptcy quizzes. Then, watch the text's built-in case experiences come to lifestyles with CengageNOW™ for irregular Psychology, which supplies genuine case profiles to provide you a practical context for the medical findings of the publication.

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Although greatly modified, shock treatment is still with us today. The controversial modern uses of electroconvulsive therapy are described in Chapter 7. It is interesting that even now we have little knowledge of how it works. During the 1950s, the first effective drugs for severe psychotic disorders were developed in a systematic way. Before that time, a number of medicinal substances, including opium (derived from poppies), had In the 19th century, psychological disorders were attributed to mental or emotional stress, so pabeen used as sedatives, along with countless tients were often treated sympathetically in a restful and hygienic environment.

Many recovered because the high fever “burned out” the syphilis bacteria. Obvi- The Biological Tradition National Library of Medicine ously, this type of experiment would not be ethically possible today. Ultimately, clinical investigators discovered that penicillin cures syphilis, but with the malaria cure, “madness” and associated behavioral and cognitive symptoms for the first time were traced directly to a curable infection. Many mental health professionals then assumed that comparable causes and cures might be discovered for all psychological disorders.

One reasonable guess was reaction to insect bites. Another possibility was what we now call mass hysteria. Consider the following example. Modern Mass Hysteria virus (HIV) is, in Western societies, most prevalent among individuals with homosexual orientation, many people believe it is a divine punishment for what they consider disgusting behavior. This view has dissipated as the AIDS virus spreads to other, “less sinful” segments of the population, yet it persists. Possession, however, is not always connected with sin but may be seen as involuntary and the possessed individual as blameless.

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