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Chapter Three: Modeling During our discussions, Gerry will explore most of the roles listed in this book. I call this “roll a role,” because sometimes it is a kind of gamble, a roll of the dice, as you are figuring out and practicing which roles work. If you are thinking in terms of better, better means having all these roles in mind and knowing which ones to choose and how to apply them in your parenting. Take a few minutes to try this on your own or with a friend or co-parent. The nine steps Gerry used can work for you, too.

Use it to assist with common dilemmas, or to figure out and fix problem areas you may be facing. Let’s use bedtimes as an example. A New Approach to Bedtimes Many parents report this as a time when they frequently find themselves and their children in the midst of unnecessary conflict. Parents often feel that they are not being listened to and they can become quite punitive, even after starting out with the best of intentions. Plan ahead! Ask yourself: If I use the role of teacher as a model in my parenting (based on a great teacher I have identified), how would bedtime start to look at my house?

But behind the scenes, Simmie was getting worn down by the challenges of a husband who left everything to her and two children who did nothing around the house. Being the “doer” in all areas of her life was coming to a head, especially in her relationships with her husband and her children. She resented the role she played and was acutely aware of how little the rest of the family did. Things she “just did naturally” were suddenly becoming job-like for her, and she struggled against the urge to complain and nag constantly.

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