A South Efate Dictionary by Nick Theiberger

By Nick Theiberger

This dictionary has been the fabricated from collaborative paintings with a few audio system of the language of South Efate, significant Vanuatu. it's a part of an ongoing venture that incorporates the recording of reports within the language, a variety from that's produced as 'Natrauswen nig Efat.'

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Grater made by cleaning some coconut shell and wrapping it with wild cane. naus n. wild cane. See: ftok. naustap n. spear tip that has magic properties. Made from wildcane that has been sung over to make it work. Also made from the bones of special people (chiefs or those of naflak nmal). Even the slightest scratch from these bones will kill. nautin Also: naut. n_inposs. penis. naut puluk n. bullock's penis used as a cudgel. nawel n. creeper with large leaves, used to feed pigs. The vine is strong and can be used to tie wood for housing.

Kumtak ki naat nen ina kewat gik. You're scared of the man who wants to hit you. mtakseu n. carpenter. m! t al vambi. harvest. mtalu vambi. choose. afi naot. I choose you to become the chief. See: tiptip. 31 mtapes na mtapes n. orphan. mtar vintr. set, go down of the sun (for the moon use tanun. Al imtar. Sunset. See: tanun. mtas vambi. scratch. mtastes adj. scratched, skin scratched by something. mtel v. fire glowing, having been burning brightly (sor) but no longer. See: sor; nfag. mten adj. heavy.

Eighth stage at which you can eat a coconut. arteu. nfas namet Also: nfas namet. 50 niif n_inposs. eyebrow. nfaswen Also: nafasw. n_inposs. g. all parts of the body, parts of a car. nfat n. ridge-cap, of roof, last thatch placed on roof. nferen Also: nfer. n_inposs. g. of spear, paddle), its. Nfer ola nen itrau kerkrai wi. This spear handle is very strong. See: nkar. ngas interrog. when. See: sefmal. ni Also: nig. prep. of. nier n. broom. ir, or nikniser trees. atau nier kaser nasok. Give me the broom, I'll sweep the rubbish.

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