A Profile of Mathematical Logic (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Howard DeLong

By Howard DeLong

Publish yr note: First released in 1971

This textual content explores the historic purposes for the formation of Aristotelian good judgment, the increase of mathematical common sense, the character of the formal axiomatic strategy and its use, and the most result of metatheory and their import.

From 1971 edition

Includes 22 figures and 19 tables. Appendixes. Bibliography. Indexes.

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Another mathematician will accept the new statement only if he agrees that the proof is correct, or if he can construct a proof of his own. It appears that there must be some general agreement among mathematicians as to the meaning of the phrase “follows logically” as used above, and some generally accepted rules for constructing proofs. We shall mean by formal logic just such a system of rules and procedures used to decide whether or not a statement follows from some given set of statements. Suppose a mathematician has arrived at a conjecture D through introspection, intuition, and verification of particular instances.

5 THE CONDITIONAL We cannot easily deal with the logical structure of mathematical arguments without some convenient symbolism for translating statements of the “if ______ then ______” type. Suppose that “x” and “y” represent certain angles and that “A” and “B” are translations as follows: A: x and y have their sides parallel. B: x = y. 2) If x and y have their sides parallel, then x = y, and x and y having their sides parallel implies that x = y. We translate these conditional statements by “A → B”.

2/3 is another name for 6/9. g. It is 6/9 that has a numerator, fraction bar, and denominator, but 6/9 has none of these. h. The denominator of 5/9 is odd. 10/18 is another name for 5/9. ∴ The denominator of 10/18 is odd. 2. Indicate the kind of object named by each of the following symbols. a. R. Ans. The object named is a former Democratic president. b. 3 c. “5” d. D. e. ΔABC f. Russia g. “Russia” 3. Write a sentence in which you use correctly: a. H-bomb b. “H-bomb” 4. Mention Illinois in a sentence.

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