A Grammar of Yidin by R. M. W. Dixon

By R. M. W. Dixon

Professor Dixon's publication The Dyirbal Language of North Queensland (CUP 1972) is recognize to be a vintage research. His research of Yidin is without delay similar in value. Yidin, that is additionally a loss of life language, is Dyirbal's northerly neighbour. but the 2 languages have awesome and primary ameliorations in each one region of grammar (while nonetheless either belonging to the Australian language family). within the phonology, there's a choice for every notice to include a good variety of syllables, with a view to fulfill the strain objectives of Yidin. Syntactically, the language is of a 'mixed ergative' kind that can't simply be accommodated when it comes to general syntactic concept. those and several other particular good points of Yidin have a vital referring to numerous theoretical enquiries into linguistic universals.

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These are a much smaller series but the differences are of roughly similar magnitude and in the same direction. 1 pounds with a range from 64-104 pounds. 5 centimeters. 9 centimeters. The differences in stature match those of the males, while the differences in weight are in the right direction but slightly less. * Since we are dealing with small breeding universes here, who numerically may never have been very large, I think there is no reason to doubt the general validity of these figures and the differences they reveal.

When the spear was extracted it had a grub on its point, breaking a further taboo. As a result, the rainbow-serpent punished the people by causing the sky to glow red and yellow, cracks to open in the earth, and water to pour up, engulfing the camp. This - which could pass as a plausible account of a volcanic eruption - is said to explain the volcanic crater lake, Eacham (see also Dixon 1972: 29). The Yidind,i had a considerable number of myths explaining the origin of animals and birds, of geographical formations, and so on.

3) which Tindale took to be symptomatic of the Barrinean languages being 'unAustralian'. In fact, the languages show striking similarities with languages spoken in other parts of the continent (by Aborigines who do not show Barrinean physical characteristics); the point worthy of note is that there is such a large linguistic difference - and such overt hostility - between the Yidin-Dyarbugay speakers in the northern part of Tindale and Birdsell's bloc, and the Dyirbal speakers in the south. Note also that Dyirbal shows considerable similarities with languages on the South Queensland and New South Wales coasts, and that travellers in Dyirbal myths all come from the south (Dixon 1972, 1976b).

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