A Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew by M. H. Segal

By M. H. Segal

Publication through Segal, M. H.

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Further, there is no evidence whatever that the use of Hebrew or Aram, was a subject of controversy between the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Nor is there any reason to believe that the Sadducees preferred Aram, to M H . On the contrary, one would be inclined to infer from their exclusive, aristocratic ' Biichler, Die Priester u, d, Cultus, p p . 60 ff. T h e account of the Bat Qol is found in So. 33 a ; t. So. xiii. 4-6. INTRODUCTION 19 character, and from their conservative political tendencies, that the Sadducees would have favoured the use of the old national language, rather than the foreign patois of the unlettered populace.

An Oath standing in Apposition after an Exclamation 218 458. nvu^, in-jij followed by 218 459. Construction of a Vow with DJ^P . 219 CONTENTS 4. xxxi Interrogative Sentences. SECT. PAGE 460. A Question expressed by emphasis of the Voice alone 461. By n, nhn 462. By , 219 . 220 also before another Interrogative Particle 220 463. no in long Argumentative Questions ponj hl>) 464. as interrogative particles 465. Indirect Questions . 466. Disjunctive Questions, Direct and Indirect 6. 221 . 221 . 221 .

5 ; So. i. ; ix. 1 5 ; M«n. x. ; T a m . i. ; N«g. xii. ; Pa. iii. , &c. Contrast also the picturesque tale of Simon the Just, t. Naz. iv. 7 ; Naz. 4 b, with the style later developed in such tales (nwytD). A characteristic specimen of the early historical tale is found in Qid. 66 a (§ I 2 6 , n . ) . N o doubt many of the Palestinian apocryphal and apocalyptic books must have been composed in a similar style, as can be seen from the Hebrew fragments of such compositions that have come down to us.

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