A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian by Jeremy Black, Andrew George, Nicholas Postgate

By Jeremy Black, Andrew George, Nicholas Postgate

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Breath" 2. idioms: labdn a. (a gesture of prostration); a. qadihiulquddudu (a gesture of grief); Mari a. ; sibit a. "moment" 3. , Am. ; a. II ? a(p)puttum II (or abbuttum, ab/puttum) * "difficult situation" OA; = a. I ? apru(m) in aprussa "with head covered" OB of woman; < aparu apru —• also abru II aprusu (a plant) jB, NA as drug; oil, seed, flour of a. apsammUakku —• apusammikku apsasti(m); f. apsasalitu(m) 1. (an exotic bovid) 2. ZA]; < S u m . AB)] 1. , as home of fish, location of foundations; kar a.

Bab. ; > em; ayyikiam etc. aigalluhu (a homed animal)? , Nuzi dlfu —• awllu a'ifuttu —• awilutum ainibu —• yanibu aiwa (a cereal foodstuff) Nuzi; < Hurr. aka adv. mng. unkn. Bogh. akabbu (or akappu, agabb/ppu) (a tree) Nuzi aka(k)ku in a. nari (a plant name) jB lex. A, N I N D A . M E S ] 1. "bread, loaf; food" [ - • also kusapu 2]; a. harrani "journey bread", a. gine "offering bread"; a. tumri "charcoal baked bread"; jB bel a. ) 2. ] 3. ; < akalu akalu(m) "to eat" G (a/u) [GU7] 1. of men, animals "eat, feed (on)"; of baby tulasa a.

In the countryside"; bab a. "akitu gate" akk... also = ana k... akkabaru —• akbaru akkadattu "in Akkadian" NB akkadlya "cock, rooster"; < Akkade (Aram, form) akkadu(m), OA gen. akkidiye; f. akkaditu(m) "from Akkade, made in Akkade, Akkadian" [ U R I ( . K I ) ] of language; furniture, boats, cloth; jB lex. " (interrog. ) j/NB; NB a. ) 1. "how" 2. " NB; < akka'i + ki akkamdas, akkandas, anakandas "spoke (of a wheel)" MB; < Kass. akkannu, a(k)kanu 1. "wild ass" M/jB 2. (a breed of horses) Nuzi 3.

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