A Commentary to Hegel's Science of Logic by David Gray Carlson

By David Gray Carlson

This e-book constitutes an immense development within the research of Hegelian philosophy by means of supplying the 1st complete observation at the huge The technological know-how of good judgment, Hegel's imperative paintings which informs another undertaking Hegel ever undertook. the writer has devised a procedure for diagramming each logical transition that Hegel makes, lots of that have by no means sooner than been explored in English. This unearths a startling organizational subtlety in Hegel's paintings which heretofore has long past not noted. during charting Hegel's logical growth, the writer presents a full of life defence and thorough explication of remarkable scale and scope. The ebook covers the whole diversity of topics hooked up with The technology of common sense resembling Being, Essence, degree, Subjectivity and God, exhibiting how Hegel used common sense to make transitions from one type to the following. The ebook additionally mediates Hegel's war of words with Kant, whose Critique of natural cause is Hegel's significant pageant in metaphysical systemization. Any scholar encountering The technology of common sense, probably the main tough and by means of a long way the main worthwhile of Hegel's philosophical works, will locate in Carlson's e-book a useful significant other to their learn.

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The whole is always greater than the parts). The middle term contains material that exceeds what is provided by the two extremes. 32 The three circles together form a Borromean The Borromean Knot Knot. These three overlapping circles produce seven distinct areas. 33 These portions do not suffer from overlap. The areas marked [2, 4, 5, 6] are dynamic. These areas have at least two natures - they are subject to more than one jurisdiction. The area marked [4] is subject to all three jurisdictions.

1971). Although Adorno and Derrida rail against self-identity, they are guilty of it when they insist that the negative must be sustained in its self-identity. 75 Harris traces this translation to the Oxford philosopher Geoffrey Mure (18931979). HARRIS, LOGIC, supra note 14, at 30; see MURE, supra note 64, at 35 ('"Sublated1 will serve as a translation"). 76 JEAN-LUC NANCY, HEGEL: THE RESTLESSNESS OF THE NEGATIVE 52 (Jason Smith & Steven Miller eds. 1997). 78 In other words, to know some thing is a highly negative enterprise.

At 158; see also 188,198. Instead, the SL is supposed to be organized by "a sidelong glance at the history of philosophy," Id. at 284. Such a position denies that Hegel has written a Logic. In my view, Hegel intended the very "ritualistic three-step" that Kaufmann denies. " (384) At this point Hegel signals a fundamental shift in the attitude of the Understanding. Starting with chapter 10, the Understanding contemplates what is not. 26 Quality To summarize, the Borromean knot represents Logic as a circle com­ prised of circles, in accord with Hegel's comment from the EL: Each of the parts of philosophy is a philosophical whole, a circle rounded and complete in itself.

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