Your Entrepreneurial Dream
  • Aquila Ventures drives on the prospect of helping someone achieving his or her entrepreneurial dream. We have the knowledge to get your venture to the next level. Read more

Frédéric Pattyn – CEO – Aquila Ventures


About Aquila Ventures


Aquila Ventures continuously evolves to be the best partner possible for any entrepreneurial exploratory effort driven by passion or skill. Our shared goal it to achieve their dream. As a management company we offer different supporting services to achieve this goal. These efforts are both in-company projects, or start-ups looking for a partner that could support them in all aspects of such a venture. At Aquila Ventures, we believe that everyone should be able to try and create something of his own, without too big a personal risk!


Aquila Capital Management helps you to get the financial base to get started with the dream or get it to the next level.


Aquila Techs’ professionals help you out with building your corporate brand & getting started with the dream online.

Aquila Translates your insights on life, professional insight or technical manual for nearly every translation combination.


Official exclusive Belgian VMEdu partner we want to offer project management professionals great online training at even better prices!

Logohoekje was the first company that turned to Aquila Ventures for help and we are still as proud as humanly possible.



Aquila Research gives you an edge to get you started with your ventures via structured academic market research.






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